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Sensus Reach Awards: Customer

Sensus customers are leaders and visionaries. Each day they make profound contributions to the quality of life in their communities. They continually stretch their capacities and reach farther in new and innovative ways.

We applaud their efforts and want to cast the spotlight on the important work they do. Once again, we’re recognizing their achievements through the 2019 Sensus Reach Awards in the Commercial and Community categories.

Award Categories

Customer: Commercial

This award honors the Sensus customer who has reached farther through the application of Sensus technology.

They could have done so in many ways:

  • AMI
  • Non-revenue water
  • Streetlight control
  • CVR
  • Leak detection

Customer: Community

This award recognizes the customer who goes above and beyond to make their neighborhoods and towns better places to live, work and play.

The recipient:

  • Demonstrates behaviors that reflect their company’s organizational values and corporate culture
  • Supports community programs that help others

General Criteria

  • Any existing customer (water, gas, electric, lighting, municipality, etc.) may be nominated
  • Any project with measurable results achieved by August 2, 2019 will be considered
  • Customers may be nominated by themselves, colleagues, distributors or Sensus employees Winners will receive complimentary conference registration fees and be recognized at the event


Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Ingenuity as evidenced by an improvement in a business process or the community
  • Problem solving through the application of technology or the launching a new program
  • Results with clear examples of the outcomes and benefits